Lawsuits Regarding Mr. Obama 


His lack of Standing as a Natural Born Citizen have Spread to many states:

Partial List:  Will add links to copies of filing as we have time. Sorry the main work is in the battle Not in documenting the activity.

Also see  "America Must Know" 




For a man without a past, he sure wants to have a big say in our future.

Something caught fire in the hearts of Americans when Obama recently decided to stonewall in federal court refusing to yield documents like a birth certificate and instead tried to protect his past. 

 If the allegations brought in the federal suit are true this will be the biggest fraud attempted in history and none of the state's respective Secretary of States ever bothered to require the most ordinary documentation when they accepted Obama's applications for the ballot!

The derelict Secretaries of State don't think it's their job, the FEC claims it's not theirs and you have Obama arguing to the court that Berg has no right to ask either - Well that leaves nobody. 

Well, some of us are not going to take this dereliction of duty and obfuscation lying down. The respective state's constitution give the Secretary of State ample oversight to create rules and procedures to facilitate fair and transparent elections that project a sense of veracity on the process - that trust in the process is THE reason we have enjoyed peaceful transitions of power. 

It's one thing to challenge the dogcatcher in court after the election, no big deal; but blood will flow and property will go up in flames if that occurred in the contest over the office of the president - Riots - mark my words.

We intend to argue that the Secretaries of State can prevent such carnage and Constitutional Crisis by simply demanding the same documentation I had to present to get my voter card and passport - a birth Certificate. Not some photo-shopped WEB image, but a real, certified verifiable traceable to a birth location Certificate.

I can do that. You can do that. Why is Obama having such a trial? Whatever the reason, if he want any votes certified from my state he better be able to show the minimal documents. I hope to require our Secretary to receive that certified, verified, traceable-to-a-birth-location certificate or withhold any certification of electors so cast.