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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Admits 'We're 'evading' eligibility'

Two Justices back bid for hearing but that's not yet enough, read blog entry


Deadly shooting brings out the worst in Democrat fascists


Who Caused the Real Economic Crisis?


What About Gays in the Military? The Army is not a Gay Bar... The reason Don’t Ask Don’t Tell made some sense is that if a gay hides his attraction to the other men undressing showering etc before him, then the other men have no reason to be uncomfortable. Same goes for females. The reason they can be in an intimate environment with same sex is there is a presumption of disinterest; you are not being eyed as it were. Otherwise why would we not have integrated showers in high school or same sex bathrooms throughout the nation? Let’s be real. Co-mingling men and women has been very troublesome  with a huge problem of unplanned pregnancies even in battle conditions. Clearly gay sex behavior will not produce that problem, but the animus that would ensue in that intimate environment due to now open unwanted advances by a gay serviceman/woman on fellow heterosexuals would undoubtedly create one heck of a hostile working environment for all. It would hurt military readiness, unit cohesiveness and ultimately recruitment. This only works if gays fully hide their intentions to members of the same sex. They know up front that if for any reason whatsoever they become known to their unit as homosexual, that very knowledge compromises the unit and they will have to leave.

The needs of the many, the mission, outweigh the needs of the few or the one. They know that the military is not the ultimate gay bar. Their open presence would make it that - eventually compromising it's very purpose.



Presentation on Commerce Clause (Conservative Enthusiast Meeting by S Marquis 9/16/2010)

Approach to pull back the abuse of the Commerce Clause (letter to Attorneys General)


Join the Class Action Lawsuit against Socialists ObamaCare


New detailed Certification of Live Birth - Evidence of Manipulation


New "The Worlds Most Private Search Engine" No more Google/Government snooping!

"Let No Crisis go Un-Exploited - If you don't have one - Make one!"

-- Obama Administration Official Presidential Motto

Why Was the Media Silent on Obama's Ghost Past?

Read this Explosive Investigative Analysis

See new Blog comments on the Liberal Fascists Gun grab

                                                                     Posted by Steve Marquis on Feb 1st 2010

God says, "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left."  Ecclesiastes 10:2 (New International Version)

Posted by Steve Marquis on Feb 1st 2010

"Pray for Obama! Click - Psalm 109:8"

Posted by Steve Marquis on Feb 1st 2010

Continental Congress Meeting Concludes - read the results here about their plan for constitutional defense!

Posted by Steve Marquis on Feb 1st 2010

Review my Fire Breathing Letter to Congress Regarding Healthcare Titled, "Regulate Commerce" meant to make regular(uniform) - Not Micro-manage!

Posted by Steve Marquis on Feb 1st 2010


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Phony Climate Change Crisis Get the Climate-Gate "Skeptics Handbook"
Senate Report Refutes Global Warming Hoax 30,000 Scientist Refute Global Climate Change
Phony Economic Crisis?
Who Caused the Real Economic Crisis?
Phony Gun Crisis
Phony Health Crisis "The "Axis of Idiots"
Real Islamic Crisis  US House Hearing Real Border Crisis
Real Democracy Crisis Real Crisis of Obama Cult Worship

Another Witness comes forward testifying they heard Obama confess that he was not a Natural Born Citizen - time to subpoena C-Span!

Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 14th 2009

Health Care Crisis??? OK, I confess I am the guilty Party. (Read my confession here.)

Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 1st 2009

This Obot personality Cult is getting real scary

Posted by Steve Marquis on September 3, 2009

Lefty loons, long infiltrated into the State Schools, are starting to show their true colors is a way the world hasn't seen outside of places like North Korea or the Hitler youth programs in the '30s. Here is a growing list with links to videos of our children being used as ponds, shills and shields for the Obama socialist agenda. Note the frequent mix of the name Obama, and Obama campaign lines amidst the laudable platitudes of "do well in school." GET DOWN TO YOUR SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS AND PROACTIVELY INFORM THEM THAT YOU WANT NONE OF THIS VIRTUAL POLITICING IN THE CLASSROOMS. BE PREMPTIVE AND USE THIS LIST AS AMMO FOR YOUR ASSERTIONS. NIP THIS THING IN THE BUD - ONE SCHOOL DISTRICT AT A TIME - YOUR SCHOOL DISTRIC! DONT WAIT TO BE THE NEXT INTERNET SPLASH!

The Difference Starts Here

Posted by Steve Marquis on November 3, 2008

OK this is what I did. I asked you recently to show up at your School Boards. This week was my turn to rotate to the front lines. Feel free to borrow from my experience and you can make a difference in your corner of the nation - one neighborhood at a time. This is WAR and I for one am not going to sit on the sidelines hoping someone else will make the difference.

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  • List of Lefties Abusing Children
  • Singing Hail Obama
  • Consider the words of respected professor and historian

    -- David Kaiser
    "Something of historic proportions is happening"

    Natural Born Citizen - NOT

    Posted by Steve Marquis on November 3, 2008

    New requests demand public disclosure based on recent public pronouncements by Hawaii Department of Health Director Chiyome Fukino’s regarding the Natural Born Status of Obama. Hawaii law demands such disclosure. READ the efforts of the masterful Leo C. Donofrio, Citizen Attorney

    Follow the cogent discussion at terrik-investigation-part-3

    One of, if not the largest rally of Citizens in US History just occurred and most Obots in the media were practically silent. the ~1.6 million citizens who showed up on Pennsylvania Ave and the White house front steps and the thousands in almost every city in America who rallied to the cause of freedom that day were anything but!

    The biggest-march-ever and ABC has the gall to claim 10s of thousands - Unbelievable - Just Look for yourself. There has never been such a crowd anywhere in our history. Oh - message delivered with no arrests and no trash.

    Just How Many??? Read this report.

    Just Where was Obama and his Communist media buddies when the Party Came to Town?

    Heh - We got your money, We got the power, What the hell do we care about your little tea party!

    Could This be what all the Secrecy is About?

    Read about the Malcolm-X connection

    Posted by Steve Marquis on November 3, 2008

    Obama's Lawyers wrote in the Berg Case that "Significant family embarrassment would accrue if Berg was granted subpoena power." -- Is this what he was afraid would rock his ambitions?

    <-- Click Here for a full review of this explanation and more shocking likenesses between Obama and the man that may very well actually be his real biological father.
       Obama has hid his past well. There are no records available about any aspect of his family, his whereabouts, his financial backers, his college records and papers and yet he rose to the most powerful position in the world with the help of foreign money and a strange collection of anti-American bedfellows and unfortunately about 54% or so of Americans blinded by complicit socialists and Marxists in the media


    Posted by Steve Marquis on November 4, 2009

    Lawsuits like the one filed by Peoplespassions continue to gain steam. A hand full of dedicated lawyers has replaced the early attempts by common citizens and their efforts are gaining traction. The indefatigable Orly Taitz has carried and continues to carry a burden that will never be forgotten and is a leading patriot in the fight to uphold our constitution and to expose Obama the Usurper.

    This Obama soap opera got darker yet with Whitehouse injecting his own lawyer to clerk for Judge Carter at a critical time in hearing Citizenship trial creating an obvious basis for appeal. Shortly thereafter Carter issued a sweeping dismissal parroting government lawyers and reversing his earlier pronouncements to hear the case and let the cards land where the evidence took them - even to unseating the president. Now he whined about grave concern to disrupting the country in time of war and feigned to pass the buck to the legislative branch. In fine he was co-opted. IS THERE NO JUDGE IN THE COUNTRY WILING TO do as the founding fathers, putting the lives, fortunes and their sacred honor on the line?

    Still, despite this setback, what these lawsuits have accomplished is to provide the ongoing undercurrent of distrust that has in palpable measure helped to propel the Tea-Party movement that is being successful at the ballot box and in the public forum. One poll showed 30% of Americans either believe our cause or at least want the question answered to the satisfaction of our constitution. So Orly and others - keep up the good fight and to those of you with means - send some assistance. She has born a great burden personally and financially and is a great patriot worthy of your support. Dr Taitz's Web Site is:

    In the beginning of the hearings Judge Carter seemed excellent, focused/competent/not distractible/tough. The Judge even tried to persuade government attorneys to depose witness Smith on the spot regarding Obama's Kenyan BC. Unfortunately for the cause Gary Kreep once again stalled the process and the opportunity was lost. No wonder Orly wanted nothing to do with him.

    There is some great footage from the hearing in Santa Ana by Santa Barbara reporter William Wagener. Interesting!

    Part 1: Orly Taitz explains why she doesn't want Gary Kreep as a co-counsel.
    Part 2: Clint Grimes. Very cogent, straightforward. Luca Smith also makes a statement under oath.
    Part 3: ---
    Part 4: Wagener describes the judge, court hearing, plaintiff counsels, the U.S. attorneys' chagrin.

    Check out these YouTubes:
    Court Case Press Conference Part 1 Court Case Press Conference Part 2
    Court Case Press Conference Part 3 Court Case Press Conference Part 4

    So, what exactly am I afraid of? It 'aint Lions Tigers and Bears...

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Nov 3rd 2009

    More astonishing exposes...

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 14th 2009

    Obama recruited for Home Grown Jihad - an Islamic Terrorist Camp Near You

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 1st 2009

    Top Ten Things That You Should Know About Barack H. Obama, (a/k/a Barry Soetoro) US Citizenship Tigers and Bears...

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Nov 3rd 2009

    Listen now to one of the most striking interviews of our time - Alan Keyes

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 14th 2009

    US Senator publicly challenges Obama Eligibility

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 1st 2009

    Read on about "Obama's Revenge"

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 14th 2009

    My Flag is upside down

    Join me to protest: The World Turned Upside Down. Click the Flag to read why you too should Fly Your Flags Appropriately.

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 1st 2009

    Obamatons, Obasms and the God Complex

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 14th 2009

    If you're eligible, show us the proof!

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 14th 2009

    Memorandum and Open Letter

    From: LtCol. David A. Earl-Graef
    To: Chief Justice John G. Roberts
    Date: 26 Jan 2006

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 1st 2009

    I can not express in words the disappointment I feel regarding the recent actions of the Court to deny those of us in the military important answers to questions regarding our Constitutional duty as clearly stated in our Oath of Office....

  • Video's about Obama and Citizenship
  • Barack's Manufactured Crisis
  • Press Admits "No Obama Vetting"
  • Polls: Majority of Americans want the Citizenship Question Officially Vetted
  • Look here for related superbly written essays and news commentaries on the Eligibility Topic
  • Full Page Open Letter in Chicago Tribune
  • Lawsuits at the Supreme and many state courts along with Thousands of citizens petitions demand an end to the Obama secrecy. What Congress Should Do. What the Supreme Court Must do.
  • What You Can Do...

    Posted by Steve Marquis on Oct 1st 2009

  • In Person Contact Congress
  • Write the Supreme Court Demanding a Full Review! Yes you can and they do get read.
  • Citizens to Petition Congress! (What can I do?) Send this to your friends
  • Join the Resistance -
  • Help expose the Biggest Fraud of All Time; Expose the Obama Lie machine
  • Press Releases from Early in the Battle

    Posted by Steve Marquis on November 6, 2008

    1. Defamation of Character - Michael Medved
    2. Globe Story on Obama and Citizenship battle
    3. Group Press Release 12/7/08
    4. Full Page Washington Times Ad 11.17.2008
    5. Press Releases 11/03/08 Georgia Lawsuit Seeking Obamas Birth Certificate Appealed to Georgia Supreme Court
    6. Press Releases 11/03/08 CT heard at Supreme Court and CA Superior Court challenging Barack.
    7. Press Releases 10/31/08 VP Candidate to file law suit; electors to file law suit, citizens file suit.
    8. Press Releases 10/29/08 Citizen Files Lawsuit Against Texas State Secretary of State
    9. Press Releases 10/22/08 Lawsuits being filed in Eight States Demanding Obama's Birth Certificate
    10. Press Releases 08/10/08 Averting a Crisis in Confidence



    Peoples Voice

    Posted by Steve Marquis on October 29, 2008

    Peoples Voice is involved in resolving definitively the Citizenship question that has dogged the Obama Campaign. Since Mr. Obama has refused or is unable to demonstrate any documentation proving his actual place of birth, I launched a lawsuit against the Washington Secretary of State for dereliction of duty. This call to action began spreading like a prairie fire with similar lawsuits popping up across the nation. More lawsuits demanding answers to these simple questions are being filed as each day goes by approaching the election and beyond. Now, why would I or anyone else put themselves through that! I can tell you I have no love lost for Hillary, but I would never think to challenge her in court. She is unquestionably a US citizen - Natural born.

    Obama, however, in an enigma, a man without a past who wears a mask, No one has ever seen even a copy of his birth certificate (the one with the hospital, city, doctor - you know like the one we all have) His past is peppered with intrigue from the foreign money college loans, hidden college records, papers and associates and especially his lengthy involvement with the terrorist Ayres. He hasn't even made a full discloser of his medical records. His recent visits and connections with relatives who are communist organizers responsible for the bloody anti Christian takeover in Kenya are especially troubling. The constitution requires the President to be natural born to avoid possible personal entanglements in foreign lands. Who is Obama?


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Posted by Steve Marquis

    Donofrio Discusses US Supreme court precedent regarding the term: "natural born citizen"

    The Biggest Fraud of All Time

    Origin of the Term: Natural Born Citizen

    Why Obama Will NOT Be My President in January!


    The Death of Our Constitutional Republic? Alan Keyes

    What is the deal with this birth certificate?

    The Audacity of Hope "or" The Audacity of Ambition - The Citizenship Question in a nutshell

    Why the Conservative media is reluctant to carry the lawsuit stories


    The Law as applied to Obama

    McCain & Obama have Citizenship Issues?

    scholarly discussions OF natural BORN CITIZENSHIP

    Why Do We have this electoral college anyway?

    Kenya Embassy Says Obama's Kenya Birthplace Known

    Can I Help Support this effort Financially?

    Links to Obama Non Citizen Lawsuits:   

  • All lawsuits regarding Mr. Obama and his lack of standing as a Natural Born Citizen

  • Some Berg Lawsuit Exhibits

  • America Wants to Know

  • Lawsuit Listings and Links

    Other organizations trying to address the "Great Birth Certificate" Fraud:

    Site Listing Document

    Any Street org/


    Rise Up America/

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    United Civil Rights Councils/

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