Can you help?    Yes, NOW you can.

Posted by Steve Marquis on Dec 22, 2008

Can you help financially? Up until now, the answer was, "Thank you so much but no." The effort was high, the sleep - precious little for the last month or so, but the actual costs had been manageable. That's not so true any more.

Since this lawsuit in Washington State, Peoplesvoice personally spent over a $1000 in lawsuit fees, website & software costs, transportation & steep phone bills that are shocking. The teams of Lawyers we are helping in California, Utah, Mississippi and New Jersey are all working Pro-Bono but have large filing costs and transportations cost that they have born personally. Your patriotic donations will go a long way to help them defray these high costs.

If you would like to help defray some of this burden in any way of any size, I will provide a redacted list, updated each week, of exactly what funds have been donated and what was done with every dime. A secure account has been set up with PayPal that you can use to securely contribute to the great effort.

  1. We are NOT yet a 527. It takes some period of time to obtain 527 status  and our work has a political component. At this juncture these donations are NOT tax deductable.
  2. Federal Election Campaign Act prohibits contributions from corporations, labor unions, minors, and foreign nationals who are not admitted for permanent residence.  In addition, under this law, all contributions must be made from personal funds and may not be reimbursed by any other person.

THANK YOU                    THANK YOU                    THANK YOU                    THANK YOU                    THANK YOU                    THANK YOU

Fellow Patriots, it has been a real privilege to know so many of you. This is a vast grass roots effort and we are getting more aligned and coordinating the efforts and strategies as the precious days go by, but there is no Grand Pulbah of this effort. Everyone is doing what they can in their corner of the vineyard. For example, I coordinate and meet online with the groups responsible for these News Ads, but they accomplished this worthy goal with your help; one man and one woman at a time.

  1. The Washington Times National Weekly Issued last week
  2. FULL PAGE AD IN USA TODAY Still Collecting Donations

Another low cost thing is to send hard copies of your letter to congress with this online petition:
Sign The General Petition and send Letters (Paper preferred only $9)