Why doesn't the Republican Party get on board?

Posted by Steve Marquis on October 29, 2008

Many Folks are asking – “Why in the world doesn’t the republican party and the popular conservative talk show hosts get on board with this?” I got a chance to ask one and here is the dialog. Hope this helps you understand the complex dynamics of a very crazy situation.

Steve, thanks. Our newsroom is one person, Carleen. Nothing personal intended by any of my comments, it's just I have been through similar stories in previous elections before and they always come up dry. Something about Occam. If you are right, I will lead the parade of those apologizing. Kirby

Thank you Kirby for your reply your candor and your part in leading the charge. I understand that for the main stream folks to make a deal out of this could come across as admitting you can't win on the issues so you are digging for technicalities. I don't mind being considered fringe to play that roll. There is meat to both of these lawsuits regardless of the flawed messenger(s). But I hear you. The messenger is far more the problem than the message - however, if there was nothing to it - 1) the Federal judge would have tossed it out by now and 2) Obama would have released his records to the judge for independent review and made some political hay over the matter while he was at it. That is the fundamental basis for my pursuit of this.

The papers will be served on the Secretary tomorrow or Thurs latest and the Attorney General should have a copy by now. I will move for a preliminary injunctive hearing in the next few days.

Funny thing, I was instead planning a billboard campaign like I ran last election, but I found out that Issaquah passed changes to their statutes specifically prohibiting my billboards. After all the attacks on my billboards and the resulting arrests, they decided my 1st amendment rights weren't worth their trouble. I was about to sue them for violating my free speech rights when I figured - heck If I'm going to do that I might as well go for the real problem. My signs attracted more police action than anything I ever heard in the news state wide but no news agency including your own news room ever publicized my efforts or the considerable controversy. If this is news to you, take a look at this http://peoplespassions.org/peoplesvoice/journals_of_political_battles.html

Anyway, Kirby, I am a pretty educated person, a hard broiled engineer by trade and at this point I truly have no confidence that Mr. I hate America, I work for Terrorists, Obama is even a citizen let alone a Natural born one. If he was foreign born to a communist father raised to some extent in foreign lands, does he have a foreign agenda? Certainly, his policies are as socialist as what his father tried to achieve in Kenya. I don't think the apple fell far from the tree.

Kirby if you have evidence to the contrary - that I am barking up an empty tree - please disabuse me of this gross misunderstanding - this is no small undertaking I am about - do save me the trouble, the personal angst and my wallet!

Yours in the good cause,

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It was not simply an appeal to authority, which you wouldn't know exactly because you didn't hear the 5:00 hour. I have been through a lot of elections Steve, and a lot of rumors and theories and other issues. I can tell you this is going nowhere, personal opinion, and if we are to beat Obama, it will be on the issues. he is beatable, but…every ounce of effort and every dollar spent on the lawsuit represents misspent resources in my opinion. I appreciate your efforts and those of everyone else, but they lead to a blind alley, and we don't need an attorney in Pennsylvania with a flawed record of judgment leading the charge. Others whose judgment I trust in national political matters have looked at this and share my opinion. So, I have to be honest with you and all of my listeners, I owe you all that.

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I was up late last night preparing the summons papers that I sent out via process servers today to Mr. Reed Secretary of State and Rob McKenna AG. With only a little sleep, I got up at 6AM just in time to hear you dismiss a caller's concerns saying something like " we spent last hour talking about the birth certificate question, but this is the same guy that called for nations leaders to censure President Bush/Cheney after 911..." Basically you dismissed the caller with a logical fallacy of "appeal to authority" disparaging the credibility of Berg as a credible individual rather than arguing why Berg is all wet in the arguments in his federal suit. I was disappointed. I was also disappointed that you did not attempt to invite me to the debate as I think I have something to say that your listeners might resonate with. If you have read my petition, I think you would find my arguments if not compelling at least reasonable- hardly the rants of a crank. In my lawsuit I set a much lower threshold to clear - I need only show that reasonable doubt has been raised and for the sake of the people's confidence in the process, the Secretary of State should demand documented proof and make the issue go away. I have reasoned arguments regarding the Secretary's jurisdiction in the matter that impressed my uncle retired Judge Marquis as "interesting" arguments. I am aware of some weaknesses in a few of Berg's arguments - don't let his motives or eccentric nature entirely prejudice you in this matter. Obama has done nothing to assuage the concerns many have raised - nothing at all.

I remain one of your fans,